Starwatt Mini UPS Battery Replacement Program


Battery Replacement with Reverse Shipping by Starwatt @₹899: We will pick up the Device and make it Good as New and Ship it Back.

Models Applicable: ROU1295V2T, ROU5V2S, ROU12V2D, ROU129V2D, ROU125V2D, ROU12V2S, ROU9V2S, ROU9V2D, ROU9V2S
Each Plan Includes: Battery Replacement. Complete the Functionality Test, Investigate and Repair the Issue. 6 – Months Warranty Post Battery Replacement. Battery Replacement Service Invoice.

Detailed Steps:

Step 1: Get the BRP ID Number: Speak to our customer care (or) send an email (preferably) to obtain a “BRP ID Number”

Step 2: Pack and mention BRP ID Number: Please Pack the Mini UPS product without any accessories in an outer box. Please mention the “BRP RMA Number” on the package. A STARWATT-authorized 3rd Party courier agency will pick up the product.

Step 3: 48-72 Hour Service Time: We take up to 72 hours from receiving the product. The product will go through a 5-point check and the battery will be replaced. If there are any other failures, you will be intimated only after your consent repair will be taken up.

Step 4: Shipped back to you: We will ship your product back to your postal address.