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Welcome to Starwatt™ Technologies Private Limited, your trusted partner for personalized power solutions! We specialize in creating, building, and servicing custom power supplies, including portable DC UPS backups.

If standard options aren’t meeting your needs, explore our Custom PowerHouse products for a solution crafted exclusively for you. Our lineup of portable customized UPS includes DC Power Banks and DC UPS, offering impressive specifications with up to 300,000 mAh EV Grade Battery and 300 Watts power output.

At Starwatt, we excel in personalizing every aspect of your power backup solution. From adjusting capacity and outputs to fine-tuning temperature ranges, we offer options for white-labeling and convenient drop-shipping to add more flexibility to your choices.

Choose from Premium EV Grade Battery Types such as Lithium Ion NMC or LiFePO4.

Customize Battery Capacity

Number of Outputs

Voltage on Each Output

UPS Size



and more. 

Our solutions cater to diverse applications, from remote edge computing to powering telecom networks, traffic signals, sensors, monitoring equipment, and building security.

Key Features:

USB Standard or Type-C ports with Fast Charging for Smartphones
Multiple DC Voltage output options
AC 220 Volts 150-watt Output for Laptops, Cameras, Smartphones, Lights, and more
Battery Level Indicator
50-Watt Solar Panel and 12V Car Power Outlet-based Charging
Customized Mobile App for Battery Health Monitoring and Device Control
Stay powered up in any scenario with compatibility for MacBook’s, iPhones, smartphones, Switch game consoles, laptops, digital cameras, film cameras, fans, lights, projectors, DJI drones, and speakers.

At Starwatt™ Technologies, we take pride in delivering unmatched power backup solutions specifically designed for our valued B2B customers. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail make us the preferred provider for custom power backup solutions in India.

Our esteemed clientele includes large private companies, public sector undertakings (PSUs), and security technology firms, entrusting us as their reliable partner for high-performance solutions.

Beyond traditional power backup systems, we specialize in embedded customized solutions seamlessly integrated with your existing infrastructure. Whether you need a power backup solution for critical equipment or a comprehensive system for your facility, our engineering experts are poised to exceed your expectations.

Choosing Starwatt™ Technologies means unlocking doors to endless possibilities. Our dedication to customization, reliability, and innovation positions us as the industry leader in power backup solutions. Contact us at sales@starwatt.in or call Landline | 0176-2407480 to initiate a conversation. Let’s embark on a journey of unparalleled power backup solutions designed exclusively for you.


For compelling value and business case for IT/BPO/Media/Schools/Colleges please review below and reach out to us sales@starwatt.in

For any issues or queries related to Starwatt™ products, please contact us at support@starwatt.in and we will be delighted to help you. Please refer to our Warranty Policy here.